The evidence in Statistics, Biomedic and Legal Sciences

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Date: June 8, 2018

Venue: Faculty of Medicine – Room Q

Philosophers of Sciences repeatedly highlighted the relational nature of evidence: evidence is always evidence for a certain hypothesis, in a certain theoretic framework and for a certain purpose. The pragmatic (and strategic) aspect become more important when the decisions that a set of evidences has to support are not purely epistemic (accept or refuse a hypothesis or validate or not a theory), but they have practical consequences, especially in law and trials.

The workshop has the aim to examine the different dimensions of evidence and their interaction. Philosophers, legal experts and scientists will discuss about the relationship between procedural rules and juridical standards, inferential models from sciences and statistics, and forms of justification of theoretical and factual knowledge.

The workshop will be held in the Faculty on Medicine of the Politechnical University of Marche. The venue is located in Ancona Torrette, via Tronto 10/A and will start at 9 A.M.

Evidenza nelle scienze biomediche e forensi_def



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