Variety of Evidence in Erkenntnis

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Erkenntnis has just published an article by Jürgen Landes on the Variety of Evidence Thesis in which he aims to vindicate this thesis. He shows that the thesis can be vindicated in almost all cases. Interestingly, there are some cases in which the thesis does fail in his explication.


Special Issue on Evidence Amalgamation Completed

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Synthese has published all contributed manuscripts and the editorial of the SI on Evidence Amalgamation in the Sciences. The special issue was guest-edited by Samuel C. Fletcher, Roland Poellinger and Jürgen Landes.

PhilPharm at WHO affiliated Uppsala Monitoring Centre

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What’s Hot in Mathematical Philosophy: Pirate Games

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The latest issue of The Reasoner (May 2018) contains a contribution by Jürgen Landes on teaching game theory.

Reasoning about games has taught us much about social problems concerning interactions of self-interested agents. The relevance of self-interest and the resulting complicated social interactions are all over the news. They have also attracted interest in the philosophy of science journals, e.g., Zollman (2013: Network Epistemology: Communication in Epistemic Communities, Philosophy Compass, Volume 8, Number 1, 15-27), Holman and Bruner (2015: The Problem of Intransigently Biased Agents, Philosophy of Science, Volume 82, Number 5, 956-968) and Romero (2016: Can the behavioral sciences self-correct? A social epistemic study, Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part A, Volume 60, 55-69), the methodology of medical inference Lundh et al. (2017: Industry sponsorship and research outcome, Cochrane Library, Number 2, Art. No.: MR000033) and – of course – The Reasoner, e.g., Osimani (2018: What’s hot in Mathematical Philosophy: The Reasoner, Volume 12, Number 2, 15-16) and Sanjay Modgil’s column.
This column is about making teaching game theory fun (to us).

Jürgen Landes. What’s Hot in Mathematical Philosophy: Pirate Games.
The Reasoner, 12 (5): pages 41–42, 2018. Open Access.

Juergen Landes at the University of Kent

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Juergen Landes was invited to speak at the university of Kent: on 17th of April 2017 he gave a talk on “Evidence Synthesis”.

SILFS Logic Prize

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We are pleased to communicate that Stefano Bonzio has been awarded the SILFS Logic Prize 2018 for the paper “Duality for Plonka sums” (ArXiv preprint). This is part of the project “A prize of Logic in every country“.

Special Issue on Reliability

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The project team is guest-editing a special issue on the notion of reliability with Synthese. The deadline for submission is 11.11.2018. To discuss a possible contribution please contact a member of the project team.