Visiting Fellowships

We invite scholars interested in our research to apply for visiting fellowships.
In particular we would like to let formal epistemology and methodology intertwine around the following themes:
  1. How to model dependence of observations in the special sciences and in particular in medicine and pharmacology;
  2. Social epistemology in medical research, and pharmacology (how to model the interaction of conflicts of interest and methodological constraints);
  3. Evidence synthesis;
  4. Foundations of statistics;
  5. Analysis of the epistemic value of “evidence” from modelling and simulation for the purpose of causal inference/assessment;
  6. Machine learning and knowledge management for the purpose of causal inference from medical databases.
The fellowship includes a travel reimbursement (up to 300 Euros within Europe and up to 800 Euro from other continents) and an honorarium of 1500 Euros for Juniors (PhD candidates and Postdocs) and 1800 Euros for Seniors (Professors) per month (for periods of 1-2 months – but longer stays can be agreed upon). The visiting fellow is expected to produce a joint paper with members of the research team and is invited to give a WIP talk and/or a Colloquium talk at the MCMP. 
For further details and arrangements please contact: